Whole House Counseling & Consultation

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(Em)Powerment in Numbers
The most powerful two words in the English language just may be: "Me too." There is something powerful about getting people with similar experiences in a room to listen, share and support one another. Key issues for many seeking counseling are not feeling understood, like they’re alone in this, and isolation as a form of coping with their problems. The group experience combats all of that. 

First Responder's Spouse and Significant Other Support and Education Group

PTSD & Chronic Illness Support and Education Group

Whether you are looking to gain understanding of how to provide support to your husband or partner, or how to mitigate the impact of his work in your home and relationships in the family, our FRSSO group is for you. Your life, your schedule, your relationship is unique. Sometimes it can be hard to explain the underlying assumptions that motivate your decision making to those who aren't in FR relationships. Focusing on education, support, and building relationships, we navigate together the gifts and challenges that come with relationships with first responders.

We know trauma changes the body, the research validates the experience of the physical impact to our bodies. Whether your trauma resulted from a chronic illness or brought the chronic illness on, this is the group for you. Chronic illness often results in us not feeling understood, like we're alone in this, and we tend to isolate to avoid situations, questions, and commitment. Here, you find those with similar experiences to share in the struggle, and find the hope.