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Relationships and marriages with first responders are unique; both with unique gifts and unique challenges. Those challenges can range from the work schedule to the stress that comes home with them from the job and everything in between. And there’s the danger, knowing and living with the constant concern that they may not make it home. How do you deal with it all? Whole House provides clinical support and resources for the whole first responder family. Stop by, read some, and come back. We update our resources regularly.




  • Insight Timer - FREE! for meditation and sleep, voted happiest app in the world

  • Marco Polo - A video walkie talkie with the ability to save video for those moments you just need to see one another's face 

  • Life 360 - A location sharing app, so you can be aware of where the family is at any given moment (Find Friends does this on your iPhone too!)

  • Broadcastify - For those moments you just need to know what's happening in your area

  • Daylio - Keep a free private diary and capture your day without writing down a single line!



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