It's not going to be easy, but it will be worth it. And we're here to support you. It doesn't matter if you've tried before, it doesn't matter if you're not sure if you have a problem. If using isn't serving you or your life, we can help you figure it out. And if you decide you're ready, we're ready too. 
Addiction Screening and Assessment

Whether you think you may have a problem or you are confident that addiction is a real issue for you, we can help. Whether you are a self-referral, have been encouraged by family, friends, an employer or mandated by the Court, we can help. Understanding whether or not there is an addiction issue and the severity of that issue is key to finding the right level of care to treat your problem.

Substance Use Counseling and Education

Whole House has experienced chemical dependency counselors to work with clients to create and maintain a sober lifestyle. Clients will be able to learn skills to cope in healthy ways as an alternative to drug and alcohol use and address negative thinking that perpetuates use and relapse. Using a mixture of evidence-based interventions, incorporating 12-step programming, and accountability, recovering is possible and we've seen it in our clients. 

Family Support

Do you have a loved one experiencing addiction? Are you emotionally exhausted, feeling powerless, angry or confused? We can help. We offer counseling for family and friends who struggle with the weight of an addicted loved one. We understand addiction impacts not only the person who is addicted, but everyone who loves and is connected to them.