Reaching out isn't always easy. Finding a good fit can be a challenge. Here is what others are saying about the services and care they've experienced with Whole House.  

firefighter support
"Cinnamon is a gifted counselor with a unique ability to recognize and understand the dynamics we face while at work and home. While my mental health needs prompted the relationship I've formed with Cinnamon, I firmly believe if I had utilized her services prior to having a need, my quality of life would of been greatly improved. She has demonstrated a genuine care for the people she serves. The world would be a better place if each fire house had their own Cinnamon..."

- Lt. Ryan A. Patton, Bowling Green Fire Department

"I was blessed to have Cinnamon counselor and what I can tell you is this woman helped saved my life! The guidance and support she offered me throughout my recovery journey have helped make me the woman I am today. She met me where I was and taught me to "be still" and look at the world from a different perspective. Through various therapies, I learned to develop an understanding of others and work through trauma that plagued me since I was a little girl. She taught me that "I can do hard things" and accomplish anything I set my mind to. Because of her example, I have over five years of continuous sobriety. I have my CDCA licensure, and am working on my bachelor's degree in Social Work. I want to give back what Cinnamon gave to me!"

- Lori M., CDCA, BSW Candidate

fire department resources
"I have been amazed with Cinnamon since we began working with her after our department's line of duty death. We don’t just let anyone in, and I feel safe in saying that she is “in” with us. I could feel her connecting with us as a department and as individuals from the beginning. And for her to take to us like she did is way more than I could have imagined. I would without a doubt choose Cinnamon again and again."

- Lt. Jason Callihan, Hamilton Fire Department

OAPFF District 4 Peer Support Coordinator

personal growth coaching
"I was stuck after almost two decades.  Then I met a force of a woman and she changed my life. As my coach, Cinnamon immediately saw the woman I wanted to be. Her intention was for me to be bravely whole. The beautiful and unique thing about Cinnamon is she wasn't afraid to let me know her goal was showing me the absolute best version of myself.  I asked her to guide me towards my blind spots and she did, with a love and care I’ve never experienced. She trusted those intentions and so I did, too.  That's her gift.  She put me first, every single time.  She never backed down in the hard moments."

- Rachel Bertner, Recovering Yoga, Owner/Trauma Yoga Expert

"Cinnamon has a way of connecting with fire fighters and clearly has taken steps to educate herself about our profession, our lingo and our lifestyles.  Cinnamon cares about her clients, she truly listens when they talk.  I have seen the benefits for those who work with her, she’s helping our guys. She is amazing."

- Lt. Bill Mastroianni, Euclid Fire Department

OAPFF Director of Operations

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